Website analytics you can feel good about.

Tracking people across the web without their consent to show them targeted advertising isn’t cool. Helping one of the world’s largest internet companies do so isn’t awesome either. 😬

Okay Analytics provides useful information about your website, without invading the privacy of people visiting it.

You get

All without

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 Hey there, I’m Calle.

I’m building Okay Analytics because I want there to be an easy-to-use analytics tool that gives most website operators the information they need without sacrificing the privacy of their visitors.

If that sounds interesting and you want to follow along as I build Okay Analytics, you can follow me on Twitter. You can also sign up to get notified when it’s ready to try out.

Hosted or self-hosted

As soon as it’s ready, the Okay Analytics source code will be released under a permissive open source license. This means you’ll be able to choose between using the hosted version I provide and running Okay Analytics on your own server.

It’s your data

Whichever version you choose, your data will always be yours and you’ll be able to export, import, and delete it whenever you like.

Get notified

Okay Analytics isn’t ready just yet. Want to be the first to know when it is?